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Every trailer we make is of high quality and finished craftsmanship.

Our goal is to make a trailer or semi-trailer that suits your needs, making your work as easy as possible. 
We didn’t even consider other brands. We’ve been so happy with Jyki’s trailers.
Jarkko Tuominen, Kuljetusliike Juhani Tuominen Oy


  1. Timber trailer

    According to an old saying, Jyki is as well known for its timber trailers as a spruce for its needles. Contact us when you are looking for a quality timber trailer that will allow you to work in demanding conditions for up to 20 years.

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  2. Gravel trailer

    Our gravel trailer is a high-quality tool; it is a result of meticulous work with a skilfull design. We manufacture trailers with all cassette systems, and we are ready to work when you need durable equipment.

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Planning and implementing with Jyki is easy. Even more specific solutions were discussed with the designer without any problems. We were looking for a solution for cost-effectiveness and correct axle weights in order to obtain the correct weight distribution between the car and the semi-trailer and to maximize the payload. Having purchased several trailers from Jyki, I have positive experiences with quality and security of supply, and these are crucial factors.
Aki Lämsä, Transser Oy
  1. Swapbody trailer

    Our swapbody trailers are of high quality and well finished – we design the trailer according to your needs and wishes. We have received special praise for our double-beam frame solution. You will never get mass-produced vehicles from us.

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  2. Truck trailer

    Contact us if you are looking for a customized, durable truck trailer to transport more special goods. We can also help you with technical solutions as well as dimensioning challenges.

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  3. Car transport trailer

    With our car transport trailer or semi-trailer, you drive loads more cost-effectively. The loadspace of our solution based on the former Malkki Oy trailer is genuinely large, and very fast and easy to load.

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  4. Wood chip trailer

    At Jyki, we implement the chip trailer platform according to your wishes and work flexibly with different car body builders. Contact us when you are looking for a workable solution for transporting energy wood.

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  5. Trailers for special transports

    We also design and manufacture well-tailored solutions for our customers’ more special transport needs. Feel free to ask directly from our factory!

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  6. Dolly

    The drawbar height of our extra low dolly in the driving position is only 900 mm, but we also implement higher solutions. Ask more if you are looking for a solution to maximize the height of the load compartment of your semi-trailer!

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