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We originally designed the extra low Dolly for car transport semi-trailers.  

Ask more if you are looking for a solution to maximize the height of the load compartment of your semi-trailer!

Features of the Jyki-Dolly

  • Drawbar height in driving position ≥ 900 mm

  • At 900 mm drawbar height, tire size 17.5″ and twin wheels – ask about other solutions

  • 16,000 kg or 18,000 kg total weight, (axles BPW or SAF)

  • Drum brakes in the extremely low model – ask about other options as well

  • WABCO braking system

  • Fixed drawbar, the length of which is determined on a customer-specific basis

  • Drawbar eye 50 mm or 57 mm

  • Equipped with a ball race

  • To facilitate connection, the ball race can be locked with a pneumatic lock

  • Hydraulic system pressure filter can be placed in the Dolly

As your transportation needs grow or your fleet gets old, we will be happy to discuss the trailer solution you need.

It is our job to make sure that we have covered everything before your trailer order goes to our designer’s table. You are welcome to contact our factory directly!