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Car transport trailer

Are you looking for a car transport trailer with the largest possible load capacity?  

The loadspace of our solution is genuinely large, and very fast and easy to load. 
The collaboration with Jyki has been consistent and very reflective of operational findings. As a result, Jyki has been able to combine the quality and cost-effectiveness of small series production with a well-tailored product. The professionalism of the designs is high and, at the same time, humble both for user feedback as well as new opportunities following the change in legislation, for example.
Iiro Mäkinen, Managing Director at SE Mäkinen Logistics Oy

Jyki car transport trailer – main features

  • Semi-trailers with or without the specially low dolly, as well as actual vehicle transport trailers

  • Solutions 7, 8 or 9 for transporting cars (passenger cars and vans)

  • Dimensioning of the vehicle transport trailers according to the requirements of the legislation

  • 3-4 axles (1 + 2 or 2 + 2, BPW) in the actual trailer

  • 2 axles in a semi-trailer

  • Drum brakes

  • Tire size 17.5″

  • Hot-dip galvanized structures, skilfully finished

  • The trailer is tailored to fit your car seamlessly

5 reasons to choose a Jyki car transport trailer

  1. Fast loading, easy unloading

    Our car transport trailer is very fast to load, as it is effortless to position the attached cars more precisely with the help of hydraulically moving levels. This also makes it easy to partially unload and load new cars.

  2. Large load space

    We manufacture your vehicle transport trailer to the dimensions specified in legislation so that you have access to the largest possible load space. You really can fit seven cars in our 7-car trailer.

  3. Designed for the Nordic weather conditions

    Our car transport trailer is designed to operate even in the challenging conditions during winter, so the reliability of the trailer is solid all year round.

  4. Driver's occupational safety

    Thanks to our loading solution, each car can be secured in its own place immediately, and the driver does not have to climb in a trailer unnecessarily. It is safe to move on the trailer in any weather, as each bare surface is covered with a sharp-edged walk-on plate or high-strength anti-slip tape. In addition, we have invested in trailer lighting as well as reflector tapes to make working among other traffic as safe as possible.

  5. Based on the former Malkki Oy trailer – product development continues

    The basis of our car transport trailer is Malkki, which has been known as a highly practical trailer for decades. We acquired Malkki's product rights in 2013 and have developed the product since, especially with modern components and structural and production technical solutions (e.g., lights, electrical system, materials, sheet metal structures, galvanizing and robot welding).

As your transportation needs grow or your fleet gets old, we will be happy to discuss the trailer solution you need.

It is our job to make sure that we have covered everything before your trailer order goes to our designer’s table. You are welcome to contact our factory directly!
Jyki's operations crystallize the professionalism that reflects the strong Finnish trailer industry." Professionalism is not only reflected in the product but also its instructions for use and maintenance model. Transparency of cooperation and continuous management of the time make the customer-supplier relationship easy, at least for the customer.
Iiro Mäkinen, Managing Director at SE Mäkinen Logistics Oy

Jyki's high-quality car transport trailers are manufactured according to the customer's wishes

When you buy a trailer from us, you will never get a mass-produced vehicle.

Jyki trailers are always manufactured to fit the customer's personal use and needs. We do not mass-produce car transport trailers; we invest in quality and individual products. 

We believe that open communication and genuine product development together with our customers is the most direct route to an excellent end-product. While the major lines of our vehicle transport trailers are standard solutions created through product development, we are always ready to listen to your thoughts and ideas. 

We are really interested in what kind of minor customizations we can do to make our product even better for you. 

Jyki is known for good service and long customer relationships

We never let our customers down, you can always call us.

In addition to quality products, we focus on personal service and long-term customer relationships. Throughout the organization, behind our quality requirements, is a practical understanding of our customers’ daily lives. 

We always take care of our customers even after the transaction and ensure that your cooperation with us goes smoothly. Our spare parts dealers always deliver the spare parts you have ordered as soon as possible, and the staff of our workshop is ready to help, if necessary, for example by phone. 

Over 50 years of history of our company has shown that the hauliers who buy a Jyki trailer continue as our regular customers. 

Interested in our car transport trailers? This is how it works.

  1. You are welcome to contact our factory directly! If you wish, you can also send a contact request using the form and we will call you.

  2. Our designer will go through with you the features, dimensions and equipment of the trailer you want.

  3. You will receive an offer and information about a possible delivery time from us.

  4. Once you accept our offer, you will still go through the details of your trailer with our Product Manager so that they can finalize the drawings and then move your trailer into production.

  5. We will contact you as the handover date approaches. Of course, you can call us at any time if you have any questions in mind.

  6. Our customer support and service will work here for you even after the trailer is handed over. Please do not hesitate to contact us.