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Swapbody trailer

Do you need a sturdy swapbody trailer to drive waste, wood chips or other variable material? 

Jyki swapbody trailers are high-quality and durable vehicles. We will design the trailer according to your needs and wishes.

Choose the features that best suit your needs for the Jyki swapbody trailer

  1. Single- and double-deck swapbody trailers

    We manufacture both single- and double-deck swapbody trailers. We also offer two-deck trailers with a hydraulic transfer to balance the axle weights in very heavy loads.

  2. Single beam frame structure

    We manufacture swapbody trailers with a traditional I-beam frame and a slider. Our I-beam swapbody trailers are well-known export products and especially popular in Sweden.

  3. Double-beam frame solution

    Thanks to the double-beam frame we have developed, the top of the frame beam does not batch off, and in addition, the bending resistance and torsional rigidity of the frame are very good. The double-beam body thus increases the service life of the trailer. A swapbody trailer based on the double-beam frame solution is popular in the Finnish market.

  4. Combination locks

    Hot-dip galvanized locks are highly corrosion-resistant and secure when locked. In the event of damage, it is easy to change the locks.

  5. Adjustable drawbar

    The articulated, lowerable drawbar allows you to drive your car closer to the trailer, even if the chassis of the car is narrow.

As your transportation needs grow or your fleet gets old, we will be happy to discuss the trailer solution you need.

It is our job to make sure that we have covered everything before your trailer order goes to our designer’s table. You can contact your nearest dealer or call the factory directly!

Jyki's high-quality swapbody trailers are specifically tailored to the needs of every customer

When you buy a trailer from us, you will never get a mass-produced vehicle.

Jyki trailers are always manufactured to fit the customer's personal use and needs. We do not mass-produce trailers; we invest in quality and individual products. 

Our experts ensure that the selected features serve the purpose of the trailer. When driving wood chips on smaller roads in the woods, the trailer is naturally required to do different things than scrap transports rolling mainly on asphalt. 

So, our customer-specific customization ensures that you will get the product that works best for you. 

Jyki is known for good service and long customer relationships

We never let our customers down.

In addition to customized quality products, we focus on personal service and long-term customer relationships. We always take care of our customers even after the transaction and ensure that your cooperation with us goes smoothly. 

Over 50 years of history of our company has shown that the hauliers who buy a Jyki trailer continue as our regular customers. 

High-quality, durable swapbody trailers – low lifecycle costs

Jyki is a Finnish family-owned company. Our swapbody trailer might not be the cheapest on the market, but it is high quality and durable.

Throughout the organization, behind our quality requirements, is a practical understanding of our customers’ daily lives. 

Whenever your trailer is parked in a workshop due to frame problems or other structural defects, it cannot be used in productive work. In addition to this, finding a replacement rental trailer will cause you unnecessary work and additional costs. We don't want that either. 

When you buy quality, you invest in smooth mileage. At Jyki, we do our best to ensure that you, our customers, avoid unnecessary and costly downtime for your trailer.

Interested in our swapbody trailers?
This is how it works.

  1. Call our dealers or directly to the factory! If you wish, you can also send a contact request using the form and we will call you.

  2. We will go through with you the features, dimensions and equipment of the trailer you want.

  3. You will receive an offer and information about a possible delivery time from us.

  4. Once you accept our offer, your trailer will move to our designer’s table and then to production.

  5. We will contact you as the handover date approaches. Of course, you can call us at any time if you have any questions in mind.

  6. Our customer support and service will work here for you even after the trailer is handed over. Please do not hesitate to contact us.